Entrepreneur’s Love Affair with Risk

  • are still in college and have no plans to drop out to work full-time on this idea
  • are planning to work on their idea in their spare time because they have accepted offers for full-time roles
  • Phil Knight, Nike’s founder, continued working as an accountant until1969 even after having started work on his own shoe company in 1964.
  • Steve Wozniak began designing the ‘Apple 1' computer in 1975, but stayed in Hewlett-Packard until 1977.
  • In 1997, Lary Page and Sergey Brin tried to sell Google for $2 million because they thought it was affecting their research, but, luckily for them, it did not get sold.
  • Bill Gates, known for dropping out of Harvard, spent one full year in college after he started selling software and dropped out only after taking a leave formally approved by the university.
  • Henry Ford started his own company but continued to work for Thomas Edison for two full years thereafter.
  • Sara Blakely of Spanx, one of the youngest billionaires, worked on her prototypes for two years while selling fax machines as part of her day job
  • Guitarist Brian May of the ‘Queen’ band pursued his education in Astrophysics for 7 years after joining the band before he went all in with the band.
  • Grammy winner John Legend released his first album in 2000 while working as a management consultant at Boston Consulting Group until 2002.
  • Thriller king Stephen King worked at gas stations and other mundane jobs for seven years after writing his first story.
  1. $5 million winnings with 0.2 probability
  2. $2 million winnings with 0.5 probability
  3. $1.25 million winnings with 0.8 probability




All Things Tech @StockGro | EX-Glance | EX-D E Shaw

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Harsha Vardhan Gelivi

Harsha Vardhan Gelivi

All Things Tech @StockGro | EX-Glance | EX-D E Shaw

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